A Compact Neutron Source Designed for the Hospital Environment

Neutron Therapeutics has developed an accelerator-based, in-hospital neutron source to replace the previously required nuclear reactor. This source is composed of a 2.6 MeV electrostatic proton accelerator and a rotating, solid lithium target for generating neutrons. Neutron Therapeutics will provide this neutron source as part of a comprehensive therapeutic treatment suite, that will combine all of the necessary components for BNCT treatment into a user-friendly package.

Product Features:

  • 2.6 MeV Electrostatic Proton Accelerator
  • Reliable operation at 30 mA for high patient throughput
  • Cost-effective in-hospital design
  • Rotating Solid Lithium Target
  • Excellent neutron beam quality
  • Solid target is safe and reliable
  • Excellent lifetime and automated service minimize cost of ownership

The nuBeam Treatment Room

The nuBeam Suite


The nuBeam suite* is a complete BNCT solution, including beam-shaping assembly, patient positioning systems and ancillary equipment. Neutron Therapeutics can also provide fully vetted shielding bunker solutions custom designed for neutron radiation.

* The nuBeam suite is an investigational product and has not been approved by the FDA, EMA or PMDA.