About Neutron Therapeutics

Neutron Therapeutics is a medical equipment company founded in November 2015. We are working to bring Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) out of the realm of medical research and transform it into a widely available first-line cancer therapy.

We see BNCT as an enabling tool for oncologists in the near future. To make this vision a reality, we will commercialize a revolutionary BNCT technology. At the same time, we will conduct the necessary clinical studies to make BNCT available to more of the patients who could benefit from this exciting technique.

Neutron Therapeutics is a global company with offices in Danvers, Massachusetts and Helsinki, Finland.

Our Board of Directors

Bill Buckley, Chairman

Ted Smick, Chief Executive Officer

Mikko Mannerkoski, Director

Alain Harrus, PhD, Director

Our Management Team

Danvers, Massachusetts

Our Danvers team is a group of engineers and scientists with an extensive history of innovative accelerator development. Our ability to solve complex technical challenges quickly and creatively sets us apart in terms of our ability to commercialize new technologies.

Ted Smick, Chief Executive Officer

Geoffrey Ryding, PhD,
Chief Scientific Officer

Noah Smick, PhD,
Chief Operating Officer

Bill Park,
Chief Technology Officer

Paul Eide, Vice President
of Equipment Engineering

Martha M Denyer,
Vice President of Finance

Helsinki, Finland

Our Helsinki team has a long history in BNCT, having spearheaded some of the most compelling clinical research conducted in the field to date. From facility design to clinical trial design to conducting daily radiation simulations and patient care, our team has the background to leverage all the exciting progress made in BNCT over the past 20 years.

Erkki Tenhunen, Vice President &
Head of Helsinki Operation

Mikko Mannerkoski, Advisor,
Business Development

Hanna Koivunoro, PhD,
Chief Medical Physicist

Seppo Pakkala, MD, PhD,
Chief Medical Officer


Heikki Joensuu, MD, PhD,
Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

Tetsuya Yamamoto MD, PhD,
Medical Advisor

Feroz Agad,